Recipe: Beauty and beauty

Home Cooking Recipe: Beauty and beauty


Today, this is a beautiful tea that uses the combination of calendula, rose and Luoshen. Luoshen can regulate the balance of blood lipids, anti-aging, and calendula can break down fat to promote metabolism, while roses have blood circulation and solution. The effect of liver gas. The key is that the color of the United States and the United States is fascinating. After the water is poured down, the faint purple slowly stuns, and people can see the spring!



  1. Put all the flowers in the cup, pour in boiling water, put a few seconds and then pour off the water, wash off the floating soil on the flowers

  2. Re-pour the boiling water, cover the lid for 3-5 minutes, until the tea soup is discolored, the fragrance of the flowers will float out.

  3. This is the amount of one person, 300ml of water per cup, can brew at least 3 cups or more.

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