Recipe: Beautiful tomato fried potatoes

Home Cooking Recipe: Beautiful tomato fried potatoes


Potatoes, also known as potatoes, are known as "underground apples." Potatoes are cheap and good, and the ratio of various nutrients is balanced and comprehensive. Generally, the grain content is incomparable. The protein content is 10 times that of apples. Tomatoes are fried in potatoes. The home-cooked food is easy to eat. The ingredients are simple, the method is simple, the taste is good, and it is very tasty. The sour taste can effectively improve the loss of appetite in summer and autumn.



  1. Peel the potatoes, cut into cubes, soak in clear water

  2. Tomatoes cut into pieces; garlic chopped

  3. After the oil pan is hot, sauté the garlic slices and stir-fry the tomatoes until they are soft.

  4. Put the potatoes in the pan and stir fry until transparent (can also be covered for 2 minutes)

  5. Season with salt, you can


1, beauty, anti-aging. Tomatoes contain carotene and vitamins A and C, which have the effects of freckles, beauty, anti-aging and skin care. Potatoes, which have always been known as "underground apples", have the magical effect of beauty and anti-aging. The nutrients contained in potatoes include vitamins, trace elements and a large amount of potassium. The rich dietary fiber makes people feel full and can reduce the intake of other foods. Studies have shown that obesity is a major cause of aging, potatoes as a good weight loss, but also a major weapon against aging. After mixing the two, the nutrition is more comprehensive. 2, slimming body. Potatoes are also rich in minerals, high in calcium, phosphorus and potassium, especially potassium, which is among the best in vegetables. Potassium ions help prevent high blood pressure. In addition, the potato is low in calories, large in volume, and has a lot of dietary fiber. It is easy to produce satiety after eating, and is an ideal diet food. Tomatoes can contain organic acids such as malic acid and citric acid, which can promote the secretion of gastric juice and the digestion of fat and protein. Moreover, it can also increase the concentration of gastric acid, adjust the gastrointestinal function, and help the recovery of gastrointestinal diseases. Contains fruit acid and cellulose to help digestion and achieve lean body effect. 3, anti-cancer, anti-cancer, delay aging. Studies have confirmed that lycopene contained in tomatoes has a unique antioxidant effect, which can eliminate free radicals in the body, prevent cardiovascular diseases, effectively reduce the occurrence of pancreatic cancer, rectal cancer, oral cancer, breast cancer, and prevent prostate cancer. Process. Tomatoes also contain anti-cancer and anti-aging glutathione, which can remove toxic substances in the body, restore the normal function of the body organs, and delay aging. Therefore, tomatoes have the reputation of “longevity fruit”. Stir-fry with potatoes has a strong effect on lowering blood cholesterol, maintaining blood acid-base balance, delaying aging and preventing cancer and cancer. Potatoes are rich in dietary fiber and colloidal bulk defecation substances, which can be described as "intestinal scavengers." 4, treatment of high blood pressure. Potatoes are also rich in minerals, high in calcium, phosphorus and potassium, especially potassium, which is among the best in vegetables. Potassium ions help prevent high blood pressure. Tomatoes contain vitamin C, rutin, lycopene and fruit acids, which can lower blood cholesterol and prevent atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. It also contains a large amount of potassium and alkaline minerals, which can promote the discharge of sodium salt in the blood. It has antihypertensive, diuretic and anti-tumor effects, and has a good auxiliary therapeutic effect on hypertension and kidney disease. Patients who have reduced blood pressure and often have bleeding gums or subcutaneous hemorrhage, eating tomatoes can help improve symptoms. 5. After the potatoes are peeled and cut into pieces, they should be soaked in clear water to avoid oxidation and blackening. 6, the whole dish, do not need to add water to the pot, relying entirely on the tomato soup taste dishes.

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