Recipe: Bear paw tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Bear paw tofu


When I was at home, my father liked to make bear's tofu, but I didn't like it. Because the father made the bear's tofu, too much oil, and felt bored. Now do the bear's paw tofu, reduce the oil as much as possible, and the less oily bear's tofu is delicious. I have already surpassed my father.



  1. The north tofu is cut into 5mm thick pieces. Soak in the clear water for use.

  2. Ginger and garlic shredded, onion with shallots and shallots chopped separately

  3. The starch is ready for use with an appropriate amount of water.

  4. Put the oil in the pot, and fry the tofu to the golden side on both sides to drain the oil and serve it.

  5. Leave a little bit of fried tofu in the pot. Add ginger and garlic, red oil watercress, chopped green onion, pepper, pepper, and stir fry in the pot. Put a proper amount of soy sauce, salt and a little soy sauce, sugar to taste.

  6. Put the right amount of water, add the fried tofu, cover the lid, and slowly simmer on the small fire to let the tofu taste. (This step is the key point. It must be slowly smashed. The bear's tofu is delicious or not, basically depends on this step.)

  7. When the water in the pot is almost dry, pour the starch into the water and stir it evenly. Stir the pan and sprinkle with chopped green onion.


1, must use the North Tofu, South Tofu is too tender to cook. 2, soy sauce and sugar must be a small amount. The soy sauce is toned. If it is too much, it will be dark. The sugar is seasoning. A small amount of sugar can make the dish more delicious. If it is too much, it will be sweet and not good. 2. When you are tofu, the water in the pot has just passed the tofu. 3, once again stressed, must be a small fire slowly. Cover the lid. Let the tofu taste as much as possible. 4,

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