Recipe: Beans stuffed with meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Beans stuffed with meat



  1. Cut the mushrooms into pieces, cut the shallots into chopped green onion, mix well with the lean meat, add the appropriate amount of cooking wine, salt and soy sauce, add a little sesame oil, and marinate for one to two hours.

  2. Arbitrarily choose a soy bean torn open on one side, and then hollow it out as much as possible. Then use chopsticks to fill in the marinated meat stuffing and stuff the whole bean bubble. (The ripped side can be torn off or not.) Cover the meat after the stuffing)

  3. Put the stuffed beans in a dish, boil the water in the steamer, then steam the beans in a steamer for 15-20 minutes.

  4. You can enjoy it after the pot!


The oil bean bubble should be chosen as large as possible, and the shape is a regular, crisp cube, so that it will be more convenient when filling the meat, and the bean bubble can stand on the plate well.

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