Recipe: Beans, potatoes, chicken legs

Home Cooking Recipe: Beans, potatoes, chicken legs



  1. After the potatoes are peeled, the hobs are cut; after the chicken legs are cleaned, the pieces are washed with ginger, salt (a little bit is enough), raw powder, sugar, and soy sauce for more than 10 minutes. The garlic and the soybean meal are finished.

  2. Hot oil pan, open medium and small fire, put the potatoes in and fry until slightly golden

  3. Pull the potatoes to the side, pick up the chicken legs and fry them until golden

  4. Turn over and fry the other side of the chicken leg to golden

  5. Add the cardamom and stir evenly

  6. Pour the marinated chicken leg juice into the water and add half of the water without the material. After the fire is boiled, turn to the low heat for about 10 minutes.

  7. Try and taste


1: Soybean meal and soy sauce with salty taste, put salt in moderation, do not put more at once, try not enough; 2: The potatoes are first fried in a pan, one is to make the potatoes not easy to paste after frying, and the other is that the fried potatoes can shorten the cooking time; 3: The chicken leg meat is first marinated with salt, sugar and raw powder. It not only tastes more, but also makes the meat more tender and smooth.

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