Recipe: Beans, pepper, fried quail eggs

Home Cooking Recipe: Beans, pepper, fried quail eggs



  1. Add a small amount of oil to the non-stick pan, fry the quail egg on both sides until golden

  2. Cut the green pepper, red pepper into small pieces, add the right amount of oil in the pot, stir fry the cardamom and garlic into the green pepper and stir fry for a while, then pour the prepared quail eggs into the stir fry.

  3. Add appropriate amount of salt to the amount of sugar, pour in the pot before boiling, and then stir fry for one minute.


The first recipe in the kitchen, personally like it, you can try it if you are spicy. You don’t like spicy food. You don’t need peppers to use spicy peppers. In short, it’s delicious, and your friends like it. Take action!

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