Recipe: Beans, burnt pumpkin

Home Cooking Recipe: Beans, burnt pumpkin


This season's beans are particularly tender and sweet, and they are often bought at home. Cut a bit of ham and pumpkin and burn it together. The rice is eaten before it is eaten~



  1. Wash the beans and cut them into small pieces. Cook a pot of water and put the spoon in the salt for five minutes.

  2. Pumpkin peeled and diced, ham diced, garlic minced, millet spicy cuts

  3. Hot pot of cold oil, put ham, garlic, millet spicy saute, add pumpkin pieces and beans, put a small spoonful of oyster sauce and stir well

  4. Add clear water without two-thirds of the ingredients, cover the pot with a small fire and simmer until the pumpkin is ripe (can be easily smashed with chopsticks), add water when the pot is dry

  5. Open the lid and juice, add some salt and pepper to season the pan


Many times I fry some vegetables and like to put a little oyster sauce, that is, fresh and refreshing, because I have let go of the oyster sauce, then add salt and pay attention to not to put more

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