Recipe: Beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Beans


Bean fragrant wing root 煲 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香Don't worry about the failure of the boiled fat, just like a person who turns off the connection with the outside world at night to listen to the song running.



  1. Cut the peppers, wash the wings, make the garlic, and soak the beans and remove the beans.

  2. The wing root has no oil and small fire, and fry in a pan until it is slightly crispy.

  3. Pour a little clear oil, add the minced garlic and vine sauce to the sauté

  4. Add the wings and stir fry, add the beans and stir fry evenly. Add some water to boil and turn to low heat. Season with raw soy sauce and salt.

  5. When the chicken wings are cooked quickly, use the chopsticks to clip the chicken wings, and the beans are poured into the casserole with the soup and spread with chicken wings.

  6. After roasting, turn to low heat and simmer until the chicken wings are cooked. In another pot, stir fry the peppers to the micro-focus and pour on them.


1 Chicken wing root looks like a chicken drumstick, but it will be more delicious, just used as a cockroach. You can go to the simmer first, and it will be more fragrant. 2 The reason why the peppers are not rubbed together is that they will take the initiative and lose the pepper fragrance, so they will be treated separately. 3 The final product is not as dry as the photo, the soup is waiting for the opportunity to move below, how much water needs to be rubbed by yourself~

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