Recipe: Bean trotters

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean trotters


Bean-burning pig's trotters~ The bean absorbs the juice and becomes more fragrant. If you choose a thin type, you don't have to worry about the long fat horse. Now you go out and stroll again. The food stops updating. Next time you come back, you need to use the updated foot to open a new one. Food tour~



  1. The trotters are made into small pieces, boiled and boiled over boiling water.

  2. From the oil pan, add the oyster sauce of Pixian County, add the appropriate amount of water

  3. Change the skillet, boil over low heat for 40 minutes, cook in green beans for 10 minutes, season with salt.

  4. Into the ginger and millet, cook for another five minutes~


The thinner the pig's trotters, the smaller the cut, the more delicious it is. I feel that the second meal is more delicious and delicious. Hahaha~

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