Recipe: Bean stuffed

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean stuffed



  1. Put the long beans into the boiling water and simmer for 2 minutes, then rinse the cold water.

  2. One end of the long bean corner is circled, the other end is wound one circle from the inside to the outside, and finally inserted into two beans to be fixed in a ring shape.

  3. Cut off the prepared bean ring head and tail and edit all the beans ring one by one.

  4. Add the end of the mushroom to the end of the minced meat, the end of the fungus, the ginger, the scallion, the salt, the sprinkle, the oyster sauce, the peanut oil, and the starch. Stir in a direction and mix it into a filling.

  5. Fill the stuffing stuffing into each ring of beans and apply a layer of starch to the filling.

  6. Put the oil in the non-stick pan, and put the small and medium-sized fire into the stuffed beans.

  7. Put a little oil in the pot and put it into the minced garlic. Add the fried beans and add some water and oyster sauce. Cook for 5 minutes to make sure the meat is cooked. Sprinkle with a little water starch to thicken, then add the chicken essence and mix well to the pan to serve.


Beans are placed in boiling water, hot and cold, in order to make the beans ring easy to keep, while keeping the ring of the beans crisp.

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