Recipe: Bean stew

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean stew



  1. The tips of the two ends of the beans are smashed, cleaned and smashed into small pieces. Pork belly cut thick slices, but also cut some fat, beans are happy dishes, soft when oil

  2. First, the fat meat is fried in the hot pot, then the pork belly is fried, and the meat is discolored.

  3. Stir-fried beans, this step is the key, must not add water, open the lid repeatedly stir-fried, stir-fry into emerald green, stir-fry the bean curd, so that the bean color is good looking, and there is no bean flavor

  4. Add salt and soy sauce, add some water, and simmer the beans. Sprinkle with minced garlic before the pan is more fragrant

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