Recipe: Bean steamed dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean steamed dumplings



  1. The best temperature for baking yeast is 30-35

  2. Pork belly meat stuffed with meat and a little salt, cooking wine, ginger juice, sesame oil slightly caught, knife and bean cut Xiaoding

  3. Put the oil in the pot, put the pepper and saute (I omitted) put the onion garlic pot (I also omitted) put the meat and saute

  4. Then add the diced beans. Continue to fry

  5. Adding wine, oyster sauce

  6. Heat the water, I have not even served the dishes, add concentrated chicken sauce (or chicken). I also added 13 incense.

  7. Dudu toot for about 15 minutes, I used it to taste, the knife is very meaty, turn off the fire, let cool

  8. After the face is made, pack it in.

  9. As usual, wake up for 15 minutes, wrap up for 20 minutes and then steam in the bag.

  10. Steam the steam until it is cooked, and then you can eat it with a little boring.

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