Recipe: Bean squid fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean squid fried rice



  1. To make fried rice, we first need a plate of overnight meals. Then open the canned mackerel and remove the fish and cardamom. Generally, if you have a plate of fried rice, you can use half a can. We need to use a kitchen towel to suck the fish and the oil on the cardamom slightly. Then use a knife to cut the fish and soybean meal into small pieces.

  2. Wash the dried shallots and cut into dried shallots

  3. I have only chosen red in this time. If you have an atmosphere, you can use both red and yellow. It can also be cut into small pieces during processing.

  4. Kale we use Cantonese kale, use a paring knife to remove the old gluten of the kale skin, cut into a slightly thicker mustard slice

  5. The ginger is cut into ginger and the green onions are chopped with green onion and chopped green onion. Next we should have fried rice.

  6. Chop the eggs, pour the egg yolk into the bowl, and beaten with a whisk

  7. It is very important to brush the wok. It is recommended to brush it clean. It is recommended to heat the wok on the fire. It is best to burn the wok, then simmer it with cold water and brush it with a pot brush. . Note that keep your hands away when cooling water to avoid being burned by steam.

  8. Put the clean wok on the fire, heat it, pour the salad oil into the pot, the oil should be a little more, rotate the wok, try to make the oil in every corner of the wok, then pour the oil out. The oil that can be poured can be used when frying other dishes.

  9. The wok continues to get angry. When the temperature of the remaining oil in the pot is about 60 degrees, the broken eggs are placed in the pot and quickly stirred with a stir spoon.

  10. When the eggs in the pot have just completely solidified, immediately put the rice into the wok, use the stir-fry spoon to quickly mix the rice with the eggs, stir fry

  11. The wok should be completely upside down. At the same time, the frying spoon should be stir-fried constantly, and the scoop should have a action of pressing the rice. The purpose is to quickly break up the rice and fully integrate it with the egg.

  12. At this point, we need to add the bean squid and continue to stir fry so that the squid and rice can be maximally blended. The standard of fusion is that you will see that the color of the rice slowly becomes similar to the soy sauce fried rice, and you will also smell the very sweet bean squid.

  13. Stir fry for about 3 minutes, we will put the onion, Israeli red pepper, ginger, and stir fry, stir fry. At this time, you should see that the rice will not touch the pot at all, this is the credit of our previous brush.

  14. At this point, we need to season with salt and chicken powder. You can taste the taste of rice before seasoning, because the cardamom itself has a salty taste.

  15. Stir fry a few times and add the kale slices and chopped green onion. If you like the color deeper, you can add a little soy sauce and stir-fry evenly. We can make it easy to cook, and it is a bit of a delicate and delicate bean curd fried rice.

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