Recipe: Bean sprouts mixed with fans

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean sprouts mixed with fans


This dish is pure and her mother WeChat pre-authorized >3< Then I just called my friend and my mother to ask the authentic way of the northeast meat section. In order to eat my character, it will become lively! Very lively! #乐购TESCO优鲜下下-菜#



  1. The bean sprouts are taken off the head and tail, boiled in water, and boiled in cold water. (You can also pick the head and tail, and pick it up for 2 hours today...)

  2. Fans are soft, cut, or it’s too long, it’s not good to mix.

  3. Fans are cooked, don't cook too soft, crunchy to eat, or boiled with boiling water.

  4. Fans are cold water, mix well with sesame oil, and mix well with bean sprouts.

  5. Add the vinegar oil and chili oil, vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, salt to taste the juice, sprinkle the shallots and mix well.

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