Recipe: Bean sprouts kelp mushroom shredded pork soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean sprouts kelp mushroom shredded pork soup


Small chowder soup, including kelp rich in iodine and radiation, high-fiber beans, bacteria that enhance resistance, really nutritious and delicious! It’s really greasy to eat a lot of big fish and big meat. Come and come to a little lighter!



  1. Fresh seaweed is over-rolled to discoloration, and the shredded fish is removed;

  2. Lean meat, shredded wine, starch, mix well, pickled;

  3. Washing slices of shiitake mushrooms;

  4. From the oil pan, when the oil temperature rises to four or five percent, put the shredded pork, stir-fry until the color changes, and then start the pan;

  5. Another oil pan, fried shallot ginger and garlic slices;

  6. Add bean sprouts, kelp, mushrooms, and shredded pork in order, add enough water, boil over low heat, cook for 5 minutes, add salt, pepper, and MSG to your taste.


Fresh seaweed must be cleaned; bean sprouts should be cooked thoroughly. Mushrooms can also be changed to their own like powder fungus.

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