Recipe: Bean sprout mushroom soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean sprout mushroom soup


There are many practices in which people drink soup and home soup. It doesn't have to be a very grandiose soup that has been cooked for a long time. According to the raw materials at hand, a bowl of clear soup, the taste is also very delicious.



  1. Put ginger slices in the water and add the mushrooms after the water is hot.

  2. After the water is opened, add, bean sprouts. Add some salt

  3. Turn off the water after the water is turned back on. (You can also put some chicken)


1. Do not cover the peas after putting them into the peas. 2. If you have ready-made chicken soup, you can add some. 3, even a drop of oil is useless, can be seen as the world's most weight loss soup.

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