Recipe: Bean soup rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean soup rice



  1. Dry peas are soaked in water, soaked in peas to absorb the water, like fresh peas, drain the water and set aside.rChopped green onions, ready to use

  2. Put a little oil in the pot, heat the peas, stir fry, add some sorghum soup and peas. (The soup is still made by yourself. It is better than the one bought in the supermarket, healthy and original. The bean soup rice made is also mellow)

  3. When the peas are cooked, the soup is thick and can be cooked.

  4. Put a little oil in the hot pot, the next part of the chopped green onion and a little pepper, stir fry slightly, pour the peas and the remaining part of the broth, and the rice.

  5. After a small fire, the soup is boiled for a few more minutes, transferred to the salt, and the remaining portion of the chopped green onion is added.


1, the soup must be put a little more, if the soup is not enough, you can add some water to the right amount (must keep enough water, so that when the beans are not washed, the water is evaporated) 2. When the beans are simmered, the pot should be sealed as much as possible to reduce the evaporation of water vapor. 3, the soup is made of high soup

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