Recipe: Bean skin enoki mushroom roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean skin enoki mushroom roll



  1. 1, the husk is cut into strips of about 5 cm.

  2. 2, the mushroom is rooted, and a small amount is rolled up on the bean skin. The toothpick is fixed.

  3. 3, after the volume is rolled, the pan is drained, the oil is heated into the bean roll, medium heat, and fried to golden on both sides. Go out and set aside.

  4. 4, in the pot, leave the bottom of the oil simmered, sauté the barbecue sauce, add water and stir well, the bean skin is rolled into the pot, boiled in the medium heat, and the fire is collected. Put on the plate and eat.


Because the son can't eat spicy, Daxi big barbecue sauce is spicy, so the barbecue sauce is not much, and the raw sugar is added.

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