Recipe: Bean skin enoki mushroom roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean skin enoki mushroom roll


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  1. The whole bean skin is washed and folded in half. It is cut into a width of about 6.7cm and a length of 12cm.

  2. Wash the mushroom, go to the tail, take the right amount of mushroom, and wrap it in the bean skin.

  3. The toothpick is inserted into the small roll.

  4. Put the oil in the pan and put the small rolls one by one. Don't use too much. Use a shovel to hold the small rolls and make them ripe.

  5. Almost the color of the mushroom, the water is drained, and the oil splash!

  6. Clip out the brush sauce, scatter the powder, Ou ~


Flammulina must be ripe and can't eat!

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