Recipe: Bean pine small meal package

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean pine small meal package


In the morning, I made a bean pine, and I suddenly thought that I would use the bean pine instead of the meat to make the bread. It was delicious. I always eat the fluffy bread. It is also good to eat the bean loose bread for another taste.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: First make bean pine. The bean dregs are twisted with gauze and the water inside is squeezed out. The more you squeeze, the better.

    First make bean pine. The bean dregs are twisted with gauze and the water inside is squeezed out. The more you squeeze, the better.

  2. Put a small amount of oil in the non-stick pan or do not put oil, see your personal preference. Add the bean dregs and slowly fry them on a low heat. It’s just that you don’t even get together.

  3. Put a small amount of soy sauce, sugar, and continue to fry. Here you can put a little curry powder, the color is better and the taste is better. Continue to fry for a while until the loose and loose, you can turn off the fire.

  4. After turning off the heat, put a piece of sesame and mix well. Mix the seaweed and mix well. Soybean is ready. The cooked porridge is also very good. When snacks are eaten well. The finished product is as shown.

  5. Start making bread, and put all the bread material into the bread bucket, including salad oil. Salt and sugar are separated, yeast and salt, and sugar is open. Then put it into the breadmaker and stir it out.

  6. Ferment for about an hour, up to twice the size.

  7. Remove, vent, and then divide into small portions. I gave myself 10 small portions of the given weight. If you feel that the dough is shrinking more, just let it sit for ten minutes.

  8. Take a small portion of the dough, pry it open, knead it into a round piece, then put it in the palm of your hand, put a spoonful of bean loose in the middle, then tighten it, round it, and put it in the baking dish until all ten are done.

  9. In the summer, it is straightforward to go to the oven at room temperature. In the winter, it is placed in the oven with a bowl of hot water, and it takes two to forty to one hour to double the size.

  10. Prepare a broken egg yolk with a small brush on each bun.

  11. The oven is preheated at 180 ° C, and the lower layer of the oven is baked for 20 to 30 minutes. In the last ten minutes, I got a color on the middle layer.

  12. The baked bread can be eaten by cooling it. Eat a little mayonnaise on the bread, then put a little more on the top of the bean.


1, the practice of bean pine reference Xiaobai's, when I do it myself, I feel that I can not put oil. Because my bean dregs were screwed enough, it was loose after a while. So be sure to wring it out. 2, when I fry the bean loose, I put some curry powder and forgot to write it in the ingredients. In fact, the taste can be freely played, and you can also put the chili powder. You can try it. 3, the taste of the bean pine I think it is very different from the meat. It's a bit like the taste of fish seeds, a small one. Because of the addition of seaweed, the taste is particularly seaside. Anyway, it is definitely a gorgeous transformation of bean dregs. 4, part of the bread reference is this white toast, I replaced some high-gluten flour with whole wheat flour. No need for butter, it is convenient and simple. And it will be drawn anyway. I once did the toast and didn't initiate it, but it was amazing to bake it out. This very basic formula, no milky taste, is very suitable for the base.5 of this small bread, the amount of water in the bread in the material I reduced, 160g in the original, but my flour is not so absorbent, almost 100g water is right for me. Everyone can increase or decrease as appropriate. 6, the packaged buns can be directly baked on the baking tray of the baking paper, or can be placed in the oiled paper tray of the cupcake. I used to add oil paper trays. I was afraid that the second stall would be too flat. The result proved that there was no need for oil paper trays. It was also a small round bread that was very cute. the above. Think about what to add. This bread is really worth a try.

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