Recipe: Bean paste, spring bamboo shoots, chicken wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean paste, spring bamboo shoots, chicken wings



  1. Wash the chicken wings, each one is split in half.

  2. The spring bamboo shoots are husked and cut into pieces after half-cutting.

  3. Hot oil in the pot, add onion ginger and garlic to saute.

  4. Put it into the chicken wings, fry the sides and add the bamboo shoots.

  5. After the stir-fry, add the cooking wine, bean paste, and then pour a small bowl of water, cover and burn for a while until the soup is basically dried.

  6. Add a little sugar to the pan before seasoning. Because the taste of the bean paste is already very salty, I didn't add any other spices.


Regarding the question of whether the spring bamboo shoots should drown, according to my practical experience, if the quality of the spring bamboo shoots is good, it can be water-free and not smelly. But if you think about oxalic acid, you can also take a look. Everyone is used to different things.

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