Recipe: Bean paste

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean paste


This bean paste is a barracuda, it is really fresh eyebrows. In the past, I always felt that the barracuda was not good, and the muddy taste was heavy. But this time the barracuda is probably in the most delicious season in spring, and it is also alive and well when it comes home. Open Lingsuo, there is no way to say, the meat is fresh and delicious.



  1. Fresh barracudas go to scales and laparotomy, go to their internal organs and surimi, wash and control dryness

  2. Onion, ginger and garlic slices

  3. Washed barracuda cross-section large spare

  4. Cold oil under the hot pot, when the oil is warm, put on the onion ginger garlic, star anise and red pepper, saute

  5. Saute two spoonfuls of bean paste and saute the cooking wine and a small amount of sugar.

  6. Drain into the fish section, add the water that has not passed, boil the fire, and cook over medium heat.

  7. Add one-third of the soup to the soup, add a small amount of salt, and simmer the sauce in a large fire.

  8. Transfer the MSG, sprinkle with chopped green onion and parsley


1, for the sake of beauty, you can cook the whole fish in the pot, remember to reverse the front of the flower knife, the fish can be tasted. My fish is small, so I cut it into pieces. 2, bean paste is salty, so when you transfer salt, you should discretion; 3. The amount of juice left before the pan is different depending on personal preference. I like to eat fish and soup, so the soup stays a little more.

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