Recipe: Bean paste

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean paste


When it comes to crispness, I have always had a special liking. Whether it is Chinese or Western, it is rare. I used to like it. Now I like it. I think it's not just me. There should be a lot of people who love crispy, love the crispy and delicious, and the more they eat, the more addictive. Today, this small snack uses the practice of big bag crispy. It is relatively simple and relatively small. It tastes good. It is quite awkward. Whether it is snacking or giving away, it is a good choice.



  1. The crispy material is evenly mixed and wrapped in plastic wrap.

  2. The oily skin material is mixed, the surface is smooth, and the plastic wrap is covered for 20 minutes.

  3. Slightly squash the loose oil skin, wrap it into the pastry and close the mouth.

  4. Cut it into a large rectangular shape, fold it back and fold it once, and then repeat it for 15 minutes, then repeat this step once and fold it twice.

  5. Knead the crispy dough into large rectangles

  6. Put red bean paste in 2/3 of the dough

  7. Fold in the middle

  8. The other end is also folded inward, folded once and forged

  9. Cut it into large pieces and cut it to the uneven edges around it.

  10. Cut into strips of 2CM length

  11. Brush two layers of egg liquid evenly on both sides and twist into a twist

  12. Put it in a tin foil baking tray, with black/white sesame seeds on both ends, preheat the oven for 180 degrees, and bake the middle and upper layers for about 20 minutes.


1. The ghee in the formula can be replaced with lard or butter. 2. Bean paste should choose a harder inset. Don't choose the kind of soft collapse. It is not easy to shape. You can put the desired size into the fresh bag in advance and refrigerate for storage. 3. This Chinese style pastry is a large package of crisps, which is much simpler than the small package, which is more suitable for mass production. 4. This snack dough is folded twice and twice, and each operation is completed with a little slack for a while before continuing. 5. This dessert surface is coated with whole egg liquid, brushed twice, or by egg yolk solution: water = 2:1 on the surface, it will be more golden.

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