Recipe: Bean paste

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean paste


Sweet potato can use sweet potato or purple potato. I use sweet potato. I don't know which kind of moisture is the kind. Because it is sent by others... The bean paste can be homemade or bought outside. My is Linxianglou. I bought it, I feel a little bit of abuse by myself. The sweet potato is very good for the body, suitable for all ages.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Wash the sweet potatoes first, steamed or cooked.

    Wash the sweet potatoes first, steamed or cooked.

  2. After steaming, peeled, crushed with tools, slowly add glutinous rice flour, do not need to add water, because this is my water is very full, no added water, if you feel dry, you can add some condensed milk, or you If you like, you can add a little milk, it will be more fragrant... Put it into a glutinous rice group, the ratio is probably 2:1 sweet potato and glutinous rice flour. After reconciliation, it is not sticky.

  3. We put the sweet potato glutinous rice flour into a small round ball, and wrap the bean paste in the flat. Sesame seeds are on both sides.

  4. Add some oil to the non-stick pan and fry directly on the pan. Fry until both sides of the golden can be out of the pot.

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