Recipe: Bean paste

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean paste



  1. Wash red beans and soak for four or five hours

  2. Put the soaked red beans into the pot, the ratio of water to red beans is 2:1, medium and small to cook until the water evaporates

  3. Add the cooked red beans to the sugar and brown sugar, mix well, and whipped in a blender.

  4. Add yeast, baking powder, sugar, and appropriate amount of warm water into the flour, and cover the dough for 10-15 minutes.

  5. The fermented dough is repeatedly kneaded and kneaded into a thin sheet of 3 mm thickness.

  6. Brush a layer of salad oil and a layer of bean paste, then roll it up

  7. Cut into small dough rolls of about 4-5 cm each with a knife

  8. Fingers pressed in the middle, a stack of one roll, a bean paste roll is ready, 饧 20-30 minutes

  9. Cold water pot, steam in the open fire for 8 minutes, 焖 5 minutes

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