Recipe: Bean omelet

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean omelet



  1. Beans washed and cut into small pieces for use; scallions washed and cut into small pieces

  2. Eggs are broken up, add a little soy sauce, salt, oil, shallot, seasoning and mix well

  3. Put a proper amount of base oil in the pot and heat it. Add the appropriate amount of salt to the beans and fry them. If you are not familiar with it, you can add a little water to cook. Put the fried beans in the middle of the pot with a spatula, you can make some dots and look better.

  4. Then turn to a small fire, pour in the egg mixture, slowly fry for a while, carefully turn over the other side and continue to fry. While frying, use a spatula to cut the egg cake into pieces, and fry until golden to turn off the fire.


A very simple dish, delicious to eat, you must try to do it, control the heat, eggs do not fry old!

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