Recipe: Bean noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean noodles


When I go home from work, I don’t like to cook. The most convenient and delicious noodle I think is the bean noodles. There is a dish with a dish, and adding some vinegar and garlic when eating is the most delicious meal in the world.



  1. Heat the oil in the pot and add the ginger and garlic pot.

  2. Put the pork belly into the stir fry

  3. Transfer to soy sauce, then stir fry until the meat is discolored

  4. Put the chopped beans and stir fry

  5. Add the right amount of salt

  6. You can add a little more soy sauce

  7. Increase the water level with the beans

  8. Spread the top of the bean

  9. Cover the lid, boil the fire, and turn to the middle of the fire.

  10. When the soup below the beans is almost no, turn off the fire.

  11. The noodles have been steamed and dipped in soup

  12. Mix the noodles with the beans and mix them.


Because the noodles are steamed, they are very tough, but the soup that is contaminated with beans is very flavorful. When you eat, you can order some balsamic vinegar and add garlic. I sighed that it was plain and unpleasant. 1, noodles are generally two people to buy 8 two to 1 kg is enough, the general store sells 2 yuan a pound. Spinach was eaten by one person, I bought 1.3 yuan, and he ate it. 2, do not buy too thick noodles, not easy to be cooked. 3, when you knead the face, you should pay attention to the water in the pot, because the juice is used to collect the juice, it is easy to cook the soup is not easy to dry, you should look at it. 4, the water can not be added too much, do not completely cover the beans, so that the noodles are all immersed in the water is not good.

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