Recipe: Bean noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean noodles


This is the face that my husband and I both love to eat. Even if you eat it, you won’t feel tired. Noodles tendons, flesh and meat.



  1. Pork belly slices, hot pot, cool oil, cooked out

  2. Onion cut oblique knife, green beans. Put a proper amount of oil on the pot and sauté the shallots. The green beans are discolored and wrinkled, and the sugar is smoked.

  3. Put a proper amount of boiling water, basically no beans, put the fried pork belly, season with salt, and boil the fire for a while. Put a small bowl of soup in the pot, and leave half of the soup in the pot, so that there is not too much soup and the surface is directly immersed in it, and the soup is also of great use.

  4. Spread the noodles in the pot and cover the small fire

  5. In the process of squatting, pay attention to the sound in the pot. When the soup is not enough, add the soup that was just presented along the side of the pot twice. Preventing the soup from burning in the pan (the most common problem encountered in the noodles), the ability to continue to increase is also increased.

  6. The two soups were almost the same, and the noodles were cooked. Turn off the fire and mix the noodles to enjoy it~


1. Steamed noodles can be bought at the noodle shop. If not, you can steam the fresh noodles to a half-cooked, which can effectively shorten the time and keep the taste.

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