Recipe: Bean noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean noodles



  1. Beans go to the pointed and gluten, free to smash into the length of your favorite, wash;

  2. Fat and lean pork shredded or sliced, with soy sauce and starch slurry;

  3. Onion flower ginger rice minced garlic, 10 peppers, octagonal 2 spare;

  4. Prepare a bowl of ingredients, garlic, sesame oil, vinegar;

  5. Place the handkerchief on the chopping board, stir with peanut oil and allspice, and mix well;

  6. Heat the oil, oil the meat, and remove it;

  7. Heat the pepper under the warm oil, remove the fragrance and use it. Under the onion ginger garlic and the octagonal shabu-shabu, stir the beans under the dark green, pour the meat, add the soy sauce, the spiced powder, stir fry, pour in the hot water, don't leave the dish. Material, when boiled, spread the noodles on the beans, and cover the small and medium fire for about 10 minutes;

  8. Add salt, stir with chopsticks, until the color and vegetable material are even, continue to cover the boring, look at the amount of water in the middle, when the water is low, pour the soup into the amount. When the noodles are cooked, you can use the chopsticks to stir the upper and lower noodles at intervals. Heat evenly), pour in the bowl and mix well with chopsticks.


Beans are recommended to use the most common kind, at least not lentils, kidney beans, white appearance, soft and not fresh; If you are afraid of mastering the heat, it is a good choice to use non-stick pans; With minced garlic, parsley, and vinegar, the flavor is better; Do more, the rest of the oil is fried, better! ! !

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