Recipe: Bean noodle soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean noodle soup


The Lantern Festival can also be counted as the Valentine's Day of China. It feels that the ancients are especially intelligent. They eat sweet dumplings, enjoy the moon, watch the lights, guess the riddles, and have the mood to have fun~~ my favorite rice balls are classified as two Kind, gluttony soup, and this bean noodles! The bean noodle soup is a bit like a smashing, and it is a bit like a bean noodle. The different feeling is that he is warm and poured a little red sugar, which is the taste I like! This time, the dumplings were bought. In fact, they were promoted. When they went to the supermarket to buy things, they added 4 yuan for redemption. I feel that rice has its own package. The quicksand stuffing is too sweet. Even though it is sweet, it is also a requirement for sweetness. It is better to turn the sand. The peanuts and black sesame turn over the sand, and the peanuts are chewed. It is best to eat.



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