Recipe: Bean green pepper shredded pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean green pepper shredded pork


This is one - fast hand - down! rice! dish! The spicy pepper, the sweetness of the bean curd, the beauty of the pork! Group to tease your taste buds! Surrender, eat goods. Eat well, but also practice, Amen. I only thought of the recipe when I finished eating, so... just a picture. One person, oh...not enough to look at it~~



  1. Dry bean curd cold water bubble to soft. Pinch by hand, no hard heart in the middle. Change the water two or three times in the middle. Shredded and spare.

  2. Add the cooking wine, soy sauce and starch to the pork. Pour in 5g of cooking oil and stir to prevent the pork from sticking to the pan.

  3. Heat the oil in the pot until it is slightly smoked. The fire stir fry the pork and add green pepper and bean curd. Continue to fry for about two minutes, until the water is dry, the bean curd green pepper pork spit.

  4. Add the green onion for ten seconds. Add some soy sauce or salt to adjust the saltiness according to your taste. Serve the pan and serve.


Put the pork in the pan, the oil temperature should be high enough, otherwise it will stick to the pan. If you are afraid of spicy, you can change the bell pepper, but the degree of dinner will be low. Can reduce the amount of pepper. Seasoning is as simple as this, no need to put MSG. This is a one-person weight.

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