Recipe: Bean fried pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean fried pork


A simple and delicious dish of fried pork with beans! A dish that I loved very much from childhood! I can eat a lot! Haha



  1. First tear off the bean curd! Then you can use a knife or a knife to make it into small pieces! Wash and spare!

  2. Soak the pork with warm water! Soak up the blood! Then drain the water! Stir fry with onion ginger!

  3. Put oil in the pot! Put the knife in it and fry it into five mature fried shredded pork! Stir fry for two or three minutes! Put salt and soy sauce in the process of stir frying! Sprinkle a little more for a minute! Cover the lid! Cook the MSG garlic cloves! !

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