Recipe: Bean flower cold rice noodle

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean flower cold rice noodle



  1. Burn a large pot of boiling water, put the dry rice flour into the boil for 15 minutes, stir it from time to time to prevent sticking to the bottom, boil it with cold water, then soak it in cold water.

  2. Prepare other ingredients when cooking rice noodles. Cut the ginger into ginger; wash the winter vegetables twice with water, then soak in boiling water, squeeze the water and smash with a knife; sesame and saute; tofu with water

  3. When you eat, remove the rice flour and drip the dried water, put the cooked tofu, sprinkle with ginger, add sweet and sour sauce and spicy sauce (can not eat spicy seafood sauce), then put the winter vegetables and parsley, topped with Garlic chili oil, sprinkle with sesame seeds, peanuts and capers, stir well


1. Have fresh rice noodles, please buy fresh, do not buy dried home to cook. The cooking time of dry rice flours of different brands and origins is not the same, please refer to the respective product manuals. No matter what rice noodles, the common point is to add a lot of water, because it will turn into thick rice soup when it is cooked. If you like to eat and taste good and tough, you can cook the rice noodles until 7 matures (if you need to cook for 15 minutes, then cook for about 10 minutes), turn off the heat, then let the rice noodles in the hot water for half an hour, take out cold water. How much to cook rice noodles, how much to cook, so do so with cold water, do not put the refrigerator, because all the powder has a bad disease, into the refrigerator will become hard and brittle, broken broken. 2. Winter vegetables are said to be the "eyes" of the bean curd rice noodles. It must be tasteful and beautiful, and it will have an aftertaste. The lazy person washes and soaks the winter vegetables with water because it is too salty (the winter vegetables that are exported to foreign countries do not seem to be put in money), the taste is particularly heavy, you can omit this step, directly mash 3. Tofu flower is cooked in water and will not be broken when it is touched. It will not be too moist, making rice noodles water, lazy people can not cook. 4. Various seasonings are adjusted according to personal taste. The lazy person vomited sour water because he ate the leeks, so he did not put the leeks; and because the two cats in the house could not eat spicy, the spicy sauce was changed to seafood sauce; also because the fresh garlic was too smoked to eat. Complaints) Did not make fresh garlic juice and use the fried garlic and chili powder together to make garlic chili oil; ginger ginger did not make ginger juice is not want rice noodles more water dilute the richness of the sauce; peanuts No mashing and extra addition of sour beans, is the habit of lazy people from the snack Guilin rice noodles, purely personal preference. It’s still an old saying, it’s just eating into your stomach, how to get it when you love it. 5. The practice of this rice noodle is purely out of the spoof of a lazy man who is hungry. In a foreign country, many ingredients have no choice, and because lazy people like to be lazy, the practice must not be satisfactory. If you are not appetizing, you should be a joke. Entertainment and entertainment is good, if you want authentic ingredients and practices, please refer to Baidu Encyclopedia's "bean rice noodle". Super spectacular sauces and ingredients, the taste of the bean curd rice noodles depends largely on these wonderful supporting actors.

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