Recipe: Bean fillet

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean fillet


I am the first time to do the bean noodles. I always wanted to try it, but I was always afraid of the uncooked noodles. Fortunately, the first time I was cooked and tasted good. I can do it twice in the future. Material: (three persons)



  1. Wash the beans and clean them into pieces.

  2. Pork cut slightly thicker, garlic slices

  3. Stir-fry the oil into the heat of 40%, add the garlic to the scent, add the pork and stir-fry the color, pour the allspice, stir well, and finally add the beans to stir fry until the color changes. Add water and the beans are about 2 cm. Into the appropriate amount of salt (salt is slightly more than usual cooking), and finally shake the cut surface, spread evenly on top, fire the fire, cover, turn to small fire, turn off the fire, mix well


1. If you like meat more fragrant, you can choose pork belly, I prefer lean meat; 2. Beans should be fried for a while, so as not to be uncooked; 3. The cut surface can also be steamed until it is sixty-seven minutes. (When steaming, the stick should be wiped with a little oil to prevent sticking.) This can shorten the kneading time. If you directly cook the noodles like me, you should extend the kneading dough properly. time. 4. When the soup is fast, it is best to keep watching and prevent the surface from being smeared.

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