Recipe: Bean dregs whole wheat toast

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean dregs whole wheat toast


My mother likes to make three bean milk as breakfast. Every time I can filter out some bean dregs, it is very difficult to cook. The cake is too greasy. I saw a lot of bean dregs toast in the kitchen. I have done it several times. A little bit of it, just record a recipe! 180 degrees 40 minutes



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Put the materials other than butter and yeast into the inner bucket of the bread machine, and open the dough for about 5 minutes to form the dough.

    Put the materials other than butter and yeast into the inner bucket of the bread machine, and open the dough for about 5 minutes to form the dough.

  2. Sprinkle a little high-gluten flour on the corner of the barrel, then put the yeast and put butter in the other corner. Butter can also be placed directly on the dough as long as it is not in contact with the yeast.

  3. My home is a Philips bread machine. If you are eating a one-button bread, choose a sweet bread, medium burnt, 900g. Sometimes you can use the appointment function when you eat in the morning. But every time a one-button bread is not hand-shaved and then oven-baked delicious... If you want to manually shape, please see the next step.

  4. I chose the 'Fake with Flour' function. My bread machine is about one and a half hours. In the winter, I will send another ten to twenty minutes after the end of the bread machine. I need to check the fermentation level from time to time.

  5. At the end of the first fermentation, remove the dough and I will divide it into two portions, one for 450g toast and one for 320g toast. If you have time, you will make three more mountain shapes. When you have time, you will have two big ones. . .

  6. After the dough is divided, cover the wet cloth for 15 minutes. If you want to add stuffing, you can use this time to prepare.

  7. After relaxing, use a rolling pin to open the tongue, roll it up, relax for another 15 minutes, then pry it open and roll it up, and put it into the toast box.

  8. When the weather is not cold, I basically put the oven in the second round. My oven does not have a low-temperature fermentation function, so about 100 minutes for a minute, put a bowl of hot water, and the toast lid is covered with plastic wrap. If you use the oven in the winter, it will be too slow, because the temperature can't be maintained. At this time, you need to use the steamer. Heat the water, about 40 degrees, and make two rounds of water. At this time, I used the temperature and humidity controlled by my baby's thermometer and hygrometer, which is quite easy to use. This winter's second hair will be faster.

  9. The dough is delivered to nine minutes and the oven is preheated to 200 degrees. When you are warming up, you can brush butter or egg liquid on the toast. Bake with 180 degrees, 40 minutes, 320g of toast is taken out ten minutes in advance.

  10. After baking, release the mold and dry it until it is close to the hand temperature.


1. Adding yeast and butter after the dough is agglomerated, it seems that the gluten is better, and the finished product is soft and tough. Even if you add bean dregs and whole wheat flour, you don't feel the taste is rough, and the drawing is stress-free! 2. When using the appointment function, avoid contact with yeast or dough or butter to avoid premature start. 3, do not want to use butter, you can use 20g vegetable oil instead, I tried, the same delicious! 4, cocoa powder is to add aroma, but also because my home bean dregs are black beans red beans black sesame soya milk filtered out, it is not black autumn, plus cocoa powder is better! So if I have original bean dregs, or don't like cocoa, it doesn't matter.

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