Recipe: Bean dregs vegetable quiche

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean dregs vegetable quiche


It’s a pity to throw away the bean dregs of soy milk every time, and I used to make bean dregs. It looks a bit black because it uses black soy milk, and the bean dregs are also black bean dregs~~ Because the beans and eggs will destroy the nutrition or something. Add eggs, vegetables, and even the flour to use the soy milk, nutrition is absolutely 100 points!



  1. Carrot, pepper, ham minced (can put some chopped green onion, I forgot to put it.), the egg breaks up

  2. Add the black bean dregs, eggs, and 1 chopped flour to the flour, then pour in the black soy milk, add salt, monosodium glutamate, and mix into a paste.

  3. Put the oil in the pan, pour the batter (pour from the middle of the pan to ensure the shape of the fried cake), fry until the front is solidified, then simmer the fire, turn over and fry the other side with medium heat, fry until almost Cooked and colored with fire~

  4. After frying, take it out and eat it.


Any food at home can be put, this is no requirement, according to personal taste~ When frying, the batter is best to be placed less. I put a lot of fried thick this time, so I don't feel too crisp. .

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