Recipe: Bean dregs vegetable cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean dregs vegetable cake


Make full use of leftovers and scraps leftovers Can mix and match on my basis~



  1. Mix the bean dregs, flour, and rice

  2. Carrots are shredded, small rapeseed is softly chopped, salt and pepper are added. Mix well with bean dregs flour

  3. Flat-bottom non-stick pan, heat the oil, put the mixture into the mixture and slowly press it evenly around the spoon.

  4. Heat for a while, shake the pot, prevent the cake from sticking to the bottom of the pot, continue to heat the medium and small heat

  5. Because the bean dregs are soft, you need to slide to the plate before turning over, and then buckle back to the other side of the pan.

  6. Pan fried pans, squeezed in soft yellow mustard sauce, sprinkle with Shanghai ground and cooked sesame seeds

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