Recipe: Bean dregs radish balls

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean dregs radish balls


Soymilk on weekdays, what to do with slag, throwing a strange pity! In order to avoid waste of this bean dregs, I used all kinds of methods: steamed bean dregs, steamed bean dregs, egg dart, tofu, baked bean curd cake, fried bean dregs, mixed bean dregs..... almost all kinds of methods are eaten. It is. On that day, the child said that he wanted to eat radish balls, and the lingering machine moved, and the leftover bean dregs in the morning were also put in, and the fried out of the coke was tender, and the kid did not eat it, hehe!



  1. Radish, zucchini, and onion washed and rubbed into silk

  2. Add eggs, bean dregs, and various spices other than peanut oil and mix well.

  3. Add the right amount of flour and stir it into a relatively dry paste.

  4. Heat the oil in the pot, use a small spoon to pick up a batter and put it in a frying pan.


My meatballs have always been very casual. Unlike the special rounds that people do, they use a small spoon to put a spoon in the pot, so there is no shape to make it. Let’s call it a ball, otherwise it’s really hard to describe why! However, it is very easy to save things, and it’s always a matter of pursuing the drop target!

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