Recipe: Bean dregs milk

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean dregs milk


Bean dregs is definitely a treasure! This time, I have to change my way of eating. It is definitely not difficult to swallow. Relieve the post-holiday syndrome and rectify the stomach of the big fish.



  1. 1. Yeast water is opened with warm water and allowed to stand for 5 minutes.

  2. 2, wet bean dregs, cornmeal, rich flour and white sugar, stir evenly, add yeast water little by little, and into a dough that does not touch hands, molding can be done without much sputum.

  3. 3, the dough covered with a wet cloth to wake up to 1.5 to 2 times larger.

  4. 4, exhaust the dough, divide into 50 grams of small dose, round, use a thumb to poke a hole at one end, hands with some water plastic to prevent the dough sticky.

  5. 5. The well-formed blanks are placed in the steamer and continue to wake up for about half an hour.

  6. 6, steaming water pot steaming 20 - 30 minutes.


1. Adding yeast is to soften the taste of the steamed wolf. 2, cornmeal wake up is relatively slow, not as fermentable as easy to ferment, need to extend the time properly. 3, do not like to eat sweet friends can not add sugar. 4, the size of the head is completely determined according to personal preferences, one is also a good one ~ the size of the head determines the length of steaming. 5, the surface of the water should not be added at a time, because each family of wet soy milk water content is different, so it should be added as appropriate, a small number of times. 6, if you find that too much water, you can spread into a pizza oh ~

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