Recipe: Bean dregs evaporation cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean dregs evaporation cake


I had some soy beans yesterday. I didn’t think about what I did today. I hit soy milk~~ There are a lot of bean dregs left, and it’s a pity to lose it. Do the mask, it is enough to make a face of XXXL size for a month. Do not like to eat and eat. So, I created such a bean cake~~~ The taste is a bit like a cake, but it is not as dry as a cake. The most important thing is that there is not a little bit of bean flavor, even my picky husband said it is good~~



  1. The remaining bean dregs (a cup of rice cups of soy beans) plus appropriate amount of flour (about 120g), add 2 to 3g of baking powder, add sugar 30g (a little sweet after coming out, like sweet tz can add more) stir evenly

  2. About 3~4g of yeast powder is dissolved in an appropriate amount of water, added to the paste of 1 and mixed well. If the batter is a little dry, add some water.

  3. Pour into the mold (I used the medium toast mold) and sprinkle the material I like. (I put red dates, sesame seeds, and red beans. The red dates are pre-foamed, the sesame is cooked, and the red beans are slightly cooked.)

  4. Cover with plastic wrap and ferment it to 2 times in warm place

  5. On the pot, steam for 30 minutes~~~OK

  6. After the pan, I cooled it down. I put it in the refrigerator for more than an hour. I was afraid that it would be scattered, which made it easier to shape. When you eat, slice it a little bit~~~

  7. Haha, a cup of soybeans made a large pot of soy milk, a large piece of bean cake, I and LG3 days of breakfast have been solved, and there are rare dry ~ ~ cost of the bottom

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