Recipe: Bean dregs corn shredded Muffin super healthy no burden

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean dregs corn shredded Muffin super healthy no burden


The inspiration is how to deal with the bean dregs, make the meatballs to fry, and absorb the oil too much. Do muffin less sugar, just eat it, the taste is slightly like a cake, but it is solid, it is easy to store, eat two every morning, I used to eat the braised fish in the morning (not I care about my madness, my breakfast is like an emperor. In fact, the contents can be varied. For example, if you make a savory savory taste, your own bean dregs are too nutritious, and it’s a pity to throw it, because it is 5 kinds of beans. , red, yellow, black and green + German mung beans, so in order to make good use of this pile of nutrients, it is painstaking to add another soymilk taste and lubricate plus honey to the bean flavor is very nutritious and delicious.



  1. Bean dregs added to eggs, sugar

  2. Add milk and continue to send

  3. Add coconut, cocoa, flour, baking powder and continue to send

  4. Add corn kernels

  5. Pour into the mold into the oven 220 degrees 15 minutes to take out and view the color

  6. When I finally eat it, because I put less sugar, the taste is very light, so I brushed the honey and the super fragrant sesame, no burden~


The process of sending eggs can be done as long as it is before the flour is placed. The preparation is less than two minutes. It is super simple. It is a lazy recipe.

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