Recipe: Bean dregs corn noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean dregs corn noodles



  1. Red adzuki beans are soaked in water beforehand

  2. Stir the cornmeal bean dregs and 2 grams of dry yeast, then put it to the side to ferment

  3. After two hours, the dough has been fermented very high and smells sour.

  4. Sprinkle the red beans on top and steam for 15 minutes. The finished product is sour, and the red bean is very hard. It is estimated that the red bean cake will be steamed.


The last time I made a cake, I learned the first two failures. First, a little white flour was added to the material, and the surface was thicker. After the fermentation, a little baking soda was added. After mixing, it was found that the sour taste disappeared. After the steaming, it finally succeeded. Although no red dates were added, the beans did not look so beautiful, but the simplicity was really beautiful. Well, haha!

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