Recipe: Bean dregs bread

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean dregs bread


I haven't made pasta for a long time. Now the weather is getting colder and I have tossed it. I suddenly want to brand a baking cake that I often eat without any extra taste. I want to relive the memory that I have gone far, just this time. Adding the bean dregs left in the morning to make the soy milk in the flour also adds some health to the baking cake. After the cake was baked, I didn't want anything. I ate a half of the pancakes. I wanted to taste the smell of the hour. I felt the taste of the cake. I didn’t remember much. I thought more, now I am giving it to me. Fang Auntie of the pancakes is not sure whether it is safe. If she is alive, she should be over 80 years old. She will know that the little girl who often eats her pancakes will often think of her and her pancakes.



  1. Pour the dregs with the juice in the basin, add the baking powder, add the flour to the inside, and stir with chopsticks until all the noodles are kneaded, then knead them into smooth dough and cover them with a damp cloth. Up to twice as large

  2. Take the fermented dough out and rub it twice by hand, knead the strip, smash the appropriate size of the agent, then round it by hand, flatten it, and let it stand on the chopping board for 15-20 minutes.

  3. Heat the pot, pour a little oil, shake it, put it into the dough, sauté the side with medium and small fire, turn over, turn over, pour about 100 grams of water, cover the lid, until the water has evaporated and open the lid. Wait until the cake skin turns golden yellow


1. Soymilk filtered out of soymilk will always leave some soy milk in it, so there is no need to add water when the dough is closed. If the bean dregs are dry, add some water to the situation; 2. The shaped cake is allowed to stand for a while to allow it to fully ferment, so that the baked cake will be softer. If the room is relatively dry, it can be covered with plastic wrap or slightly damp cloth to prevent excessive evaporation of water. 3. When you are pancakes, you don't need to turn over repeatedly. First, use a medium-small fire to fry one side into golden yellow, then turn over and add water to cover and fry the other side. After the water evaporates, the cake skin will turn into golden yellow and can be taken out. Over-spinning will lose moisture and make the cake. Harden.

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