Recipe: Bean dregs

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean dregs


In my husband's southern home, my northern wife showed a hand, the father-in-law diabetes, so the first attempt to do coarse grain nest, limited material, but the taste is not reduced, everyone likes to eat, the sense of accomplishment bursts haha



  1. Add all the ingredients together, add water slowly, because the water inside the bean dregs is very big, and the dough should not be too wet, otherwise the nest will collapse.

  2. Divided into several small doses to start the nest, the size of the dose is too large, the nest is almost the same, put the round agent in the concave left hand, the right thumb presses the concave shape, pay attention to uniform, and finally pinch with five fingers The middle setting will become!

  3. Leave a little space between the heads and steam, and it will take about twenty minutes to steam!

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