Recipe: Bean dregs

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean dregs



  1. Lotus seeds, almonds and soybeans are soaked one day in advance, and they are introduced into the soymilk machine to select the whole bean function. After 12 minutes, the soy milk is cooked and filtered to obtain soy milk and bean dregs.

  2. Appropriate amount of organic cornmeal, 2 grams of baking powder, 2 grams of baking soda mixed evenly, ferment for 40 minutes

  3. Add a few jujubes as you like.

  4. Put the ball into a dough with your hands, then put your thumb into the dough, and the four fingers are outside the dough, and continue to form a hollow cavity with a hollow inside.

  5. Put the wells into the steamer, leave enough space for gaps to avoid sticking when steaming

  6. Steam for 35 minutes on the fire, then suffocate for 10 minutes.

  7. Don't put white noodles, the taste is very soft and mellow. Adding white noodles will have a sticky feeling. I have failed several times.

  8. If you like sweets, you can put some brown sugar and mix it in the noodles. The taste is not worse than the Western-style dessert.

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