Recipe: Bean dregs

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean dregs


Since I started to make the bean dregs solution, I have received a lot of support from my friends, and even commented on more okara. Thank you very much. Thank you. Last week, a friend of Lao Lei said that you can steam the bean dregs with glutinous rice flour. Thanks to this, I made a dumpling dumpling. I didn’t even think that I just cooked the dumplings the day before yesterday. I saw another wonderful sound yesterday. Nie’s friend introduced the method of making bean dumplings to make dumplings. It is exactly the same as my approach. Thank you, Lao Lei and Miao Yini friends. With your support, I will definitely do better. The dumplings made with bean dregs look quite good, not as soft as pure glutinous rice balls, but they are soft and astringent, with a bean flavor and are delicious. At the weekend, you can have more time to pack some, freeze in the refrigerator, and it is convenient to eat with you.



  1. Add the same amount of glutinous rice flour to the bean dregs and add some water to form the dough. Red bean paste is pinched into small balls

  2. Take a small piece of dough, flatten it in your hand, put red bean paste, and pour it into a ball.

  3. All inclusive. When boiled, first boil the water, then the rice balls, continue to cook for five minutes after boiling, and the rice balls are fully cooked and cooked.

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