Recipe: Bean dregs

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean dregs


As people pay more attention to health, more and more families have added soya-bean milk machine and grind their own milk at home. The soymilk that you grind yourself is really fragrant and delicious. The by-product that can be brought by the bean curd is really a lot of people's brains. It's a pity to throw it, keep it and don't know how to eat it. In the future, we will introduce some edible methods of bean dregs in succession, so stay tuned:) Today, we introduce the bean curd balls that are tender and crispy.



  1. . The bean dregs are squeezed out with gauze (the soy milk is squeezed out, don't waste it)

  2. . Carrots are shredded into filaments with a grater

  3. . Wash and chop the parsley, stir well with the bean dregs and carrots.

  4. . Add salt, pepper and flour, and use less flour than bean dregs.

  5. . The pellets are fried into a frying pan, so be sure to have a small fire, otherwise the inside will still be raw. After a short while, the meatballs will be cooked when they are discolored. It’s best to eat it now, and it will become softer after a long time.


Fried food should not be eaten often, and occasionally relieved.

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