Recipe: Bean curd with chives

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean curd with chives


It is rich in protein, sugar, mineral calcium, iron and phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C and niacin, as well as astringent and bitter taste. It has the function of dispelling cold and dispersing phlegm, enhancing physical exertion and increasing appetite.



  1. Wash the yellow, clean and cut

  2. Tofu skin is opened in advance, washed, sliced ​​and spared

  3. Put the oil in the pot. After the oil is hot, put the dried chili in the cut section and sauté the sauté. Pour the yellow and tofu skin and stir fry quickly. After the glutinous yellow is soft, put a little salt to make the pan!


Let's Yunnan people cook like peppers! You can choose to put it or not according to your taste. Also, you must wash your 韭 yellow! Because -----Yellow is a herbaceous plant, the plant is relatively low, and is susceptible to pests and diseases. Therefore, pesticides should be used frequently during the process of planting yellow. If the cleaning is not clean, it is likely to cause diarrhea and even pesticide poisoning. To wash the sassafras, it is best to rinse with tap water continuously. The flowing water can prevent the pesticide from penetrating into the fruit. When washing yellow, please be careful not to remove the yellow stalk. If the sputum is soaked in water, the residual pesticide will enter the fruit with the water, causing more serious pollution (the above content comes from the mother)

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