Recipe: Bean curd

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean curd



  1. Add a little hot water to the bean curd, then break it up, stir it into the bean curd and add the soy sauce, then stir well. Add the soy sauce to the bean curd to make the bean flavor stronger.

  2. Picking up the leaves of the spinach with your hands for use (when I used it, I used the stalks together and cut them together)

  3. Under the lard (Aji Shi in the video said that his father used to use fat pork to remove the oil from the pot. After use it, put it back in the refrigerator and freeze it. Next time, it can be used for a long time...), then the garlic At the end, the red pepper is scented and the milk is placed.

  4. Then under the spinach and a little hot water, the hot water can make the spinach cooked faster.

  5. Use chopsticks and stir fry the spinach until cooked.

  6. Finally add a little sesame oil

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