Recipe: Bean curd

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean curd


The juice in the fermented bean bottle finally has a good destination.



  1. If there is garlic chopped garlic. Garlic is made by contact with air, so in theory, the more broken it is, the more delicious it is.

  2. a piece of bean curd plus 3 tsp of juice in the bottle, crush the bean curd, stir evenly

  3. Heat the oil under the garlic cloves, add the spinach after the musk, stir fry and pour the bean curd

  4. Stir well and you can get out of the pot. No need to add other seasonings.


This dish is always very oily when it is in the restaurant! Although this is indeed one of the reasons for the good times, but the family is rarely fried, this time I tried a little oil and it is delicious~ Quick and easy

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